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Composition writing is an important component in the KCPE examination Primary English Paper. In fact it constitutes over 40% of what a candidate gets in the English paper.   It goes without saying that highlighting on the various skills, principles and challenges in writing a composition would be very useful to KCPE examination candidates.

A good composition should therefore have the following notable characteristics:
(i)                  An interesting introduction – one that captivates the reader and acts as a gateway to the writers thoughts. It should be short, clear and interesting.
(ii)               A body – that brings together the writers thoughts and ideas logically and must be explicit/ elaborate.
(iii)             A conclusion - This captures the lesson experienced in the whole plot.  It brings out the writers feeling about the whole story or sums up the story. At times it leaves the reader to guess the outcome of an episode.

 Below are a number of skills necessary in writing a good composition:
Passing examination entails many steps, starting from the way you answer questions on different subjects. Sciences carry more marks in practical; languages are heavier in literature just as math paper two is easier to pass than paper one. And that is why you need examiners in your school to train you how to answer questions in different subjects.

Success also comes from you. Do not anger the examiner with poor handwriting or cheeky-unprecedented statements, irrelevance or arrogance. You may be under pressure from your parents or guardians. However, get this burden off your shoulder and start working for your future and not theirs.

Below are 7 tips to help you pass exams:
It is unfortunate that we are producing learners who are too dependent on their teachers. They are being instructed on what to do in almost every learning activity leaving little room for making their independent decisions on learning.

It is important for learners to understand that effective study does not merely involve the action of just grabbing a book and sitting down to read. If individual study is to bear fruits, one must plan meticulously. What I have outlined below are suggestions that have been proved to work for many learners and are therefore worth trying for learners who are having difficulties in individual study.

1. Study in a quiet room
It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a private environment for learning to their children at home that should include adequate time to study independently. A leaner should be helped to select a private room for study even if it is his/her bedroom so long as the basic facilities are provided...
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I have received numerous questions on how to pass KCSE mathematics. I will describe some of the reasons why many students fail KCSE mathematics and what I did to pass. I hope the tips here will be of help to some one. Many KCSE candidates argue that mathematics is the hardest subject. To me KCSE mathematics is one of the easiest subjects to pass.
Reasons why I think KCSE mathematics is one of the easiest subjects
1. Mathematics concepts never change and will never change. The way a problem was being solved in 19th century, it is the same way it is solved today in 21st century. In History, presidents of countries keep changing, you have to keep up with the changes to get questions right.
2. Mathematics formulas are the same geographically throughout the world. The way an American or Chinese student solves quadratic equation, it is the same way a Kenyan student does it.Mathematics formulas also never change with time.
3. Mathematics exams test the same thing every year. In every year’s exam,you will find a geometry, algebra or triangle….. question maths exam. By understanding the topics tested in mathematics you are guaranteed to pass.
4. Mathematics do not test specific answer, they test how you understand to solve a problem. You might miss the answer and still get a very high mark. This is different from subject like CRE which most students like. In CRE if you do not know mother of Jesus, you miss the full mark. CRE tests specific answer.
Reasons why many students fail in KCSE mathematics:
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